'My Five Wives' Reveals the Obstacles Polygamists Face When Trying To Adopt


The process of adopting a child can be a difficult one, even for people who come from backgrounds that society finds to be more socially acceptable. But for a woman who is a practicing polygamist, the process can be next to impossible.

In the exclusive clip from TLC's docu-drama My Five Wives, 43-year-old Rhonda, the fifth of polygamist Brady Williams' five wives, is reaching out to adoption agencies across the country in an attempt to find a new baby to bring into her life.

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However, she faces a number of obstacles. Namely, her polygamist lifestyle, which leads to many adoption agencies rejecting her inquiries outright.

Also, since polygamy is illegal, Brady is only married, by law, to his first wife Paulie. This means Rhonda is, technically a single mother.

"Being a single mother is an additional complication with this whole adoption process," Rhonda laments, as she calls agency after agency looking for someone to hear her out.

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But Rhonda isn't going to let rejection deter her in her goal to adopt.

Check out this new episode of My Five Wives when it airs Sunday, November 9 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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