Matthew McConaughey Threw His Baby Down a Cliff to Escape a Ram Attack - Hear His Crazy Story!


Stop whatever you're doing immediately because you need to hear this insane story!

Matthew McConaughey may have just turned 45, but the Oscar-winning actor can't stop talking about the life-threatening event that happened on his 40th birthday.

On this Saturday's all-new episode of The Graham Norton Show, McConaughey stopped by the talk show, along with his Interstellar co-star Anne Hathaway, and Girls' Lena Dunham, to chat about one of the most terrifying moments of his life: his standoff with a 400 pound ram on the edge of The Grand Canyon.

ETonline has your exclusive first look at McConaughey's adrenaline-pumping tale — but we've got to warn you: this will definitely be the most unbelievable thing you'll hear all week!

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The True Detective star revealed that he decided to celebrate his big 4-0 with his then girlfriend, Camila Alves, their young son Levi (who was less-than-a year at the time), and his dog B.J. at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Right before the family was about to enjoy a picnic lunch, McConaughey said that his dog started to growl.

"I turn to look up and right about where Lena is, there's a huge mountain ram, just with these horns that curled all the way around. He was probably, I don’t know, 400 pounds," the actor spilled. "He's looking at me, well looking at my dog really, who's growling and so I say, 'Okay so this is not a good idea. B.J. you're out of here' And I've got to throw B.J. over the ten foot cliff down below."

That's right , he threw his dog over a cliff. But wait—there's more! "My wife has now jetted over there and I've got my son Levi and [the ram] is not happy that we're there. I mean the foot is stomping, he's blowing up dust, lowering his head, snorting," he described.

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So what did the Dallas Buyers Club star do with his baby boy? "Camila gets about where you are, and I've got Levi and I had to go[gestures that he threw the baby] down the edge of the cliff and she has to catch him." At this point Lena Dunham blurted out what we were all thinking: "You did not!"

And after McConaughey said that he "had to" toss his son over a Grand Canyon cliff, he revealed he had a 15-second face-off with the animal. "It seemed like about an hour, it was long enough for me to break a sweat and know that I was sweating and I had to calm the situation down," he said.

To find out how what happened next in what will hereby be known as McConaughey vs. the ram, take a look at our exclusive sneak peek above and then take to the comments with your thoughts on the actor's wild tale!

Catch an all-new episode of The Graham Norton Show on Saturday, Nov. 8 at 10:15 p.m. on BBC America.