Rachael Ray Celebrates a Milestone With Her 1500th Episode!


Rachael Ray is celebrating her 1500th episode Monday and she gave ET's Nischelle Turner a sneak peak of the exciting episode to come!

"When I started this show I said the main purpose for me was to show anybody -- all of our viewers -- that anybody could be a Rachael Ray," says the TV personality, chef and author.

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Eight years later, Rachael is still full of surprises. Some surprises are so secret that they're even kept from Rachael herself.

"I legitimately know nothing about our landmark shows," Rachael tells Nischelle, explaining that her staff plans the milestone shows as a surprise for her. "To start out with a message from First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah literally brought me to tears. And then to have Gayle [King] here and gift the whole audience with Oprah's things..."

Fans will remember that nearly a decade ago Oprah helped turn Rachael Ray into a global brand. The celebrity chef's frequent appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show helped launch TheRachael Ray Show, which is co-produced by Oprah's Harpo Productions.

Oprah, Michelle Obama and Gayle King all made appearances on Rachael's 1500th show, but that's not all. So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deely also stopped by, informing Rachael of some of the show's most impressive facts.

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"There have been 2,584 meals made on the show," Cat tells Rachael. "Three hundred twenty-two of your viewers have gotten makeovers. And here on your own staff, since you've been on air, there have been 25 weddings, 31 babies and one more on the way!"

So after such an amazing episode, where does Rachael take the show from here?

"I live by very simple rules and it's the way I was raised," Rachael says. "You laugh instead of cry, so when something doesn't go right, don't take yourself too seriously. And really hard work feels good, so when I go to work I do my very, very best and I try to be open."