Katie Holmes: I Don't Think I've Ever Moved Past 'Dawson's Creek'

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Looks like Katie Holmes is still just as hung up on Dawson's Creek as the rest of us.

The 36-year-old actress, who rose to fame playing Joey Potter on the beloved WB series, isn't shy about showing her love for the show in a new interview with ELLE Canada.

"I don't know if I have moved past it, but I don’t really care," she says candidly. "I had a ball doing it, and it’s really nice to be a part of something that did affect people."

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She also credits the show with the career successes of her co-stars James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson.

"It created a lot of opportunities for all of us," she says.


But could this mean there's a possible Dawson's Creek reunion in the works?

Williams, who played the troubled Jen Lindley, surprisingly said that she was actually game for it in 2012, even though her character died in the finale.

"I would very happily do a reunion show, I don't know what it would be," Williams said at a Comic-Con press conference for Oz: The Great and Powerful. "My character died in the end, so there are certain limitations for me. It's either I come back as a ghost or I'm shot through a lot of gauzy, hazy light as my 19-year-old self."

Jackson and Van Der Beek also had a surprising mini reunion in November, when the two ran into each other unexpectedly.

"The most pleasant run-ins can happen in the most unexpected places ...," Van Der Beek posted on Instagram alongside the adorable pic.

But although Katie herself has said she's game for a reunion between the still good-looking cast, for now, she's concentrating on her directorial debut All We Had, which is based on the Annie Weatherwax novel. Katie will also star in the film, which is described as a mother-daughter drama.

"There aren't as many movies being made, period, so the challenge is to create projects for yourself," she tells Elle. "Sometimes offers are flying in, and sometimes they’re not."

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Katie recently revealed her adorable daughter Suri's Christmas list this year during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, which turned out to be very detailed.

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