Chris Hemsworth Shows Off His Sexy Dance Moves - While Soaking Wet

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What do you do when you have the Sexiest Man Alive on your show? Play a round of Water War!

Days after chopping off his Thor locks, Chris Hemsworth dropped by Tuesday’s Tonight Show and faced off against Jimmy Fallon in an intense showdown that resulted in wet shirts and verbal spars.

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The competition went back and forth, and at one point the 31-year-old Black Hat star – not happy with how he was doing – switched decks. Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea, because the winning card in the next deck would’ve been Hemsworth’s – if he didn’t make the swap! Let’s just say the Tonight Show host lost it.

But the real winner was the fans. Ever the good sport, the completely-soaked Aussie wore his Sexiest Man Alive title well, treating the audience to a sexy dance.

Looks like Christmas came early!

We're flashing back to Hemsworth's first ET interview back in 2010 from the set of Thor, and yes he has his long, blonde locks! Watch the actor relive the past below.