2 Chainz and Nancy Grace Battle Over Pot and 'Imbeciles'

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This might just be the most entertaining marijuana debate ever televised.

Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz got in a heated debate on Tuesday with the rapper – rocking an incredible sweater, by the way -- appearing on Grace's HLN program to speak his piece about the benefits of legal weed. Needless to say, Grace was not on board. The show host showed alarming footage of adults forcing a very young child to smoke what appears to be weed, arguing that certain people cannot be trusted to act responsibly on the drug.

"These people are imbeciles," 2 Chainz calmly responded. "You can't use this case to define a community."

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The 37-year-old rapper, whom, Grace noted, attended college on a basketball scholarship and graduated with a 4.0 GPA, argued that the benefits of legalizing weed far outweighed the risks.

"We're in a deficit. We've got to find ways of getting out," he said. "If we got half of the states legalizing pot, if the rest of the community legalizes pot that frees up taxpayers' money, that'll allow us to do something with this extra, with these funds, from fixing potholes in the street to building stadiums. I'm down with that." 2 Chainz described his own 2013 arrest and incarceration on drug-related charges as a waste of taxpayers' money.

The pair seems to have settled on agreeing to disagree, for now, but not for long if Grace has her way.

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Next up: the rapper is apparently very eager to sit down with Bill O'Reilly.

2 Chainz is busy promoting his new independent record label The Real University, or TRU for short, and a new mixtape out Jan. 27. But if you've tuned in to Top 40 radio recently, you've probably heard his verse on Jessie J's infectious dance track "Burnin' Up."

Who do you think came out on top of the Nancy vs. 2 Chainz debate?