'Jane the Virgin': 3 Things to Know Before the Stormy Winter Premiere!

We've already watched the laugh-out-loud hour and we're getting you ready for all of the twists and turns.

Buckle down, Jane the Virgin fans — there's a storm headed our way!

After a month of missing the adorable CW series, Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez, (Damn, we love typing that!) and the rest of the multi-talented cast is returning tonight with an all-new episode.

We've already watched the laugh-out-loud hour, and to help get you prepared for all of the twists and turns ahead, we're gifting you with three things you need to know before tuning in.

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1. Elevator Escapades: There's a hurricane raging through Miami, and the threat of the storm will cause Jane, Michael (Brett Dier) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) to wait it out within Mirabello. To make matters even worse, Jane will find herself stuck in an elevator with Michael, who is hell-bent on destroying Rafael's career.

Can you imagine if your ex-fiancé was trying to warn you about the shady things the father of your baby that you were accidently inseminated with might be up to — all while trapped in an itty bitt box? Classic. Take a look at our video above for you first look at the scene!

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The CW

2. Promises You Can Keep: At various points in tonight's episode, your favorite characters will make some very intense promises. Some are for the better — like a refreshing lifestyle change — while others foreshadow darkness ahead. We apologize for being vague but once you see the episode, it'll all make sense.

3. Pray For Alma: When we last saw the matriarch of the Villanueva family, Petra's (Yael Grobglas) wickedly evil mother shoved our beloved grandma down the stairwell of the Mirabello. In tonight's episode, fans will find Alma (Ivonne Coll) in the hospital and, for many different reasons her fate is not looking hopeful.

Jane the Virgin airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.