The Top 7 Sexiest Super Bowl Studs From Each Team

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If you're not into watching the game, you can at least watch the hotties on the field.

For non-football fans, Super Bowl Sunday can be a boring day punctuated by fun commercials and a halftime show. But if you’re into sexy studs, there’s plenty to watch when the players are on the field. Here’s a look at the hottest hunks suiting up for each side in this year's big game.


1. Julian Edelman, Wide Receiver

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You’re probably thinking Tom Brady should be at the top of this list. But #11 won the hearts of Pats fans (and anyone with eyeballs) in a big way this season. I mean, did you see that face? Plus, even though he's now a wide receiver, the former college quarterback sometimes does super sexy things like this:


2. Tom Brady, Quarterback

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An annual favorite on nearly every list of hottest athletes, the Patriots quarterback may have been dethroned by his #1 receiver, but we still love him. So does his supermodel wife.

3. Rob Gronkowski, Tight End

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The Pats’ resident party boy has an adorable face and a body that makes us swoon. Added bonus: he's so hard to tackle that sometimes his pants get pulled down and you can see his "tight end."

4. Jonas Gray, Running Back

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In the Patriots' regular season game against the Colts, just one month after being promoted from the team's practice squad, the running back rushed for 201 yards and a franchise-record 4 TDs in one game. That's pretty hot.

5. Michael Hoomanawanui, Tight End

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The Pats' #2 tight end is often overshadowed by the Gronk of it all, but he's pretty adorable in his own right. Plus, if you go out with him, maybe he’ll teach you how to say his name.

6. Stevan Ridley, Running Back

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Ridley tore his ACL in Week 6 of the 2014 season, which ended his year. We’d happily help him rehabilitate.

7. Jimmy Garoppolo, Quarterback

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Backups deserve love too, and it's clear that even when Tom Brady isn’t under center, the Patriots have someone just as good looking (maybe even better looking?!) to fill those cleats.

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1. Russell Wilson, Quarterback

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The Seahawks' young leader has sported some seriously sexy scruff this season.

2. Cooper Helfet, Tight End

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Let’s just say if "tight-ending" doesn’t pan out, Cooper could take that face to Hollywood.

3. Bobby Wagner, Linebacker

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Just try not to stare into those eyes. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

4. Doug Baldwin, Wide Receiver

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Baldwin was determined to nab the ‘Hawks #1 receiver spot this season after the team got rid of Golden Tate and Percy Harvin. He won that position, and our hearts.

5. Malcolm Smith, Linebacker

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In last year's playoffs, Smith had two key interceptions that helped his team win it all. We like him a lot more than Peyton Manning probably does.

6. Richard Sherman, Cornerback

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Confidence is sexy, and the Seahawks' outspoken corner has a LOT of confidence.

7. Steven Hauschka, Kicker

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We've got love for the kickers, too. Especially ones with baby blues like this cutie pie.

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