EXCLUSIVE! The Stars of 'New Girl' Introduce the Next Fashion Sensation: The Swuit!

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Picture this: one minute you're at the gym, the next you have to rush off to a formal event. What a highly relatable dilemma! But now, thanks to Schnick Industries, your fashion crises have been solved.

In tonight's all-new episode of New Girl, fans will be introduced to a product that will revolutionize your wardrobe: the Swuit! It's a suit made entirely out of sweatshirt material, so you can look stylish, but feel oh-so comfortable.

Not we know what you're thinking, ("Shut up and take my money!") but we want you to hear a little bit more from the creators and oh-so-stylish model of the Swuit.

ETonline caught up with stars Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield, and Jake Johnson on the set of New Girl to get all the information you need on this next fashion sensation.

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Back in college, (heck yes, there's a Fat Schmidt flashback headed your way!), Nick and Schmidt were business partners/entrepreneurs and they came up with some pretty incredible ideas. Now the roomies have teamed up once again to create the Swuit.

So what's coming up in tonight's innovative new episode? "Well I can't give too much away," Johnson teased. "Lori Greiner is in the episode from Shark Tank, and I'm a huge fan of that show so that was excellent to see [her]. And we got to pitch to her and it was really fun."

Even though Schmidt and Nick manage to create the "worst pitch" Lori has even seen, the higher-ups at Schnick Industries are confident that the Swuit would fly off the QVC shelves in real life. "It's three piece and it looks nice," Johnson assured.

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Take a look at our sneak peek video with the New Girl cast above to find out what Deschanel really thought of the Swuit, and get your first look at Nick and Schmidt's hilariously horrible pitch.

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox!

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