Jimmy Fallon Goes to Bayside High in Epic 'Saved by the Bell' Sketch!


If there is one thing Jimmy Fallon knows how to do perfectly, it's making us nostalgic for early '90s TV shows.

After airing his amazing Fresh Prince of Bel-Air homage on Monday, Jimmy upped the ante by reuniting the original cast of Saved by the Bell in a perfect recreation of iconic Bayside High.

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From the pastel wardrobes to the teased perms, this homage nails every single detail of the original show. And it doesn't hurt that almost all the former Bayside High students don't seemed to have aged at all.

Seriously, how is it possible that Elizabeth Berkley still looks like Jessie Spano?

The sketch mostly revolves around the old gang -- plus a "teenage" Jimmy -- as they cleverly make fun of their future selves.

Jimmy talks about moving to New York City to become a comic on SNL (and possibly even "date Nicole Kidman") and Zack Morris jokes about Jessie becoming a stripper (anyone remember Showgirls?).

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If you're still not sold, the epic reunion also features A.C. Slater in a black leotard and Kelly Kapowski in a cheerleader outfit, so there's really something for anyone who had massive crushes on these Baysiders two decades ago.

There were, however, a few original cast members who were notably absent from the skit. Neither Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle, nor Dustin Diamond, who played Screech, made appearances.

This isn't the first time Jimmy and Mark-Paul Gosselaar have teamed up to recreate the magic of Saved by the Bell. While Jimmy was still hosting Late Night, Mark-Paul appeared as his iconic character for an incredible one-on-one interview.