'The Bachelor': 7 Times We Were 'Immeasurably Blessed' By Kelsey Poe this Week!


As our favorite contestant Kaitlyn would say, "bitches be crazy" on tonight's all-new episode of The Bachelor.

WARNING: We're about to recap some of the most outrageous and ridiculous moments form this week's episode of The Bachelor. If you do not wish to be spoiled or are one of the few Team Kelsey fans out there, fake a panic attack leave now.

As our favorite contestant Kaitlyn would say, "bitches be crazy" on tonight's all-new episode of The Bachelor.

Not only did the tensions between the girls reach an all-time high, Chris Soules shocked audiences with a double-date elimination, causing fans to say goodbye to a hysterical Ashley — aka the Kim Kardashley of the group — and the queen of manipulative moves: Kelsey.

We at ETonline are actually genuinely devastated to see Kelsey go because she was, without a doubt, the most baffling and borderline psychotic girl we’ve ever seen on the show. (She even stole this season's crazy crown away from onion-loving Ashley S.)

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To give a proper goodbye to the girl who adored telling the story of her husband's death, we're giving you the seven reasons why we were "immeasurably blessed" to see Kelsey booted from competition this week.

1. When she taught us the best way to steal a man's time is to have a "panic attack."

2. When she revealed that just because you're blessed with intelligence, doesn't mean you need to be humble about it.

"I get it. I am blessed with eloquence and I'm articulate and I use a lot of big words because I'm smart."—Kelsey's interpretation of why the other girls hate her.

3. Whenever she scared our cat with her high-pitched Wicked Witch of the West laugh.

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4. When she compared herself to Ashley using this haughty hand demonstration.

5. Whenever she looked oh-so pleased that the fact she's a widow was brought into the conversation.

6. When she told Ashley, "I know what you did," and it chilled us to our very core.

7. When she glared at Ashley on the world's most uncomfortable two-on-one date with this "I'm going to kill you" stare.


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