EXCLUSIVE! 'The Bachelor' Sneak Peek: Britt is Lying to Chris' Face - And Carly is Pissed!

Spoiler Alert: Britt HATES Chris Soules' hometown, and Carly decides it's time for the bachelor to know the truth...

It's well known that this season of The Bachelor is jam-packed with the craziest women we've ever seen.

We first discovered their bizarre behavior with their outrageous limo exits in the premiere episode. And then the drama reached new heights when we got to know an onion-obsessed, (and slightly crazy) Ashley S., and narcissistic Kelsey who loved telling the story of how she became a widow.

But in this Sunday's special episode of The Bachelor, the drama will reach new heights when tattle-telling and back-stabbing becomes the norm. The remaining six women are vying for Chris Soules' heart in his hometown of Arlington, Iowa — and only ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek!

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On a group date at an ice rink, Carly is seriously pissed at Britt — and she definitely wants Chris to know about it. "If Chris ends up with Britt, she's going to leave him," Carly tells the camera. "He deserves to know that she doesn’t want to live there, and she's freaking just lying to his face."

That's right, Bachelor babes — Carly is going to tell Chris the truth, and it's just as epic as you'd hope!


"I'm really protective of you because I really like you and I really want you to end up with someone who wants your life," Carly tells Chris away from the other women. "So Britt walks up to me and Kaitlyn and she's like, "Oh my god I could never live here!'"

Carly then proceeds to explain all of Britt's "fake" antics and warns Chris to be on the lookout for the real Britt. "That was kind of a bomb that Carly just dropped," Chris says to the camera. "If [Britt's] lying I would be absolutely crushed."

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So what does the bachelor plan to do? Tell Britt straight away of course! As we learned last week, Chris is not exactly the king of subtlety when it comes to throwing other women under the bus with their "she said" stories.

We hate to say it, Chris, but at this point, it's hard to imagine any of those bachelorette beauties in your small town. You might want to have a profile on FarmersOnly.com as a backup plan…

Take a look at our first look clip above to watch all the drama unfold for yourself!

The Bachelor is airing a special episode of The Bachelor: Chris Tells All on Sunday, Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. with the Britt and Carly drama going down Sunday at 9 p.m.