6 Reasons We Think Mona Vanderwaal is Still Alive on 'Pretty Little Liars'

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WARNING: We're about to discuss spoilers from this week's Pretty Little Liars, and dish on a theory that we think has a strong possibility of being true. If you do not want to speculate with us, leave now — for everyone else, listen up!

On Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars, fans experienced a bombshell when Mike (Cody Christian) admitted that Mona's (Janel Parrish) shocking "death" was originally a deal that she made with "A".

"I've been offered a chance to make things right for your sister and her friends," Mona confessed to Mike in a flashback scene. "I'm talking about exposing "A" and finally bringing that person down."

This "brilliant" plan called for Mona to stockpile dozens of vials of her own blood and to smear them all over her house (like we saw in the summer finale!) in order to frame Alison for her murder and lock her away in jail.

Many months and one funeral later, Mike has given up hope that his girlfriend could still be alive -- however we at ETonline have not. After careful consideration (and an unhealthy obsession with this show), we've come up with six reasons why we think Mona Vanderwaal is still alive..

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1. It Would Be the Perfect Twist:PLL is known for their so heart attack-inducing twists, so what better way to shock us than by revealing that a fan-favorite character, who was heavily mourned, is actually alive and kicking? Ever since Mrs. DiLaurentis was dragged to her grave, we've learned to expect the unexpected in Rosewood, and Mona's "resurrection" would be the unexpected cherry on top of the crazy sundae.

2. Mona's Death Was a Little Too Neat: From the blood-smeared walls, to the carefully choreographed attack on the hidden cameras that never revealed the identity of Mona's attacker -- the crime scene was just a little too perfect. It's true that we saw Mona's wide-eyed, and seemingly lifeless body in the back of "A's" trunk, but she could've just been paralyzed with fear -- or even something else.

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3. Mona is Beyond Brilliant: Ever since we saw Mona's wicked "A" lair and the wild look in her eyes underneath her black hoodie, we've known that the brunette beauty was a force not to be reckoned with. She manipulated the lairs for months using her cunning charm, and computer-hacking brain, so even though Mike beleives "A" finally got the best of Mona, we think she must have some kind of back-up plan in place.

4. "A" Needs Mona Alive: From the sounds of Mona's well-calculated plan, "A" needed Mona in order to achieve their plan of PLL vengeance. Locking Ali away in jail was most likely just part one of "A's" wicked end-game scheme, and since we've already touched upon the fact that Mona is genius-level smart, "A" would want to harness her brilliance, not harm it.

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5. Her Allegiance Could Have Swayed: When Mona described her murderous plan to Mike her goals were to finally stop "A" and become Rosewood's biggest hero -- but what if Mona decided she was better suited as a villain instead of a hero? We all know that Mona has a psychopathic side that is dark enough to form a solar eclipse, so it's definitely possible that "A's" cunning words and determination were enough to persuade Mona to join the "A" team yet again.

6. The Dead Don’t Stay Dead in Rosewood: But the biggest reason we think Miss Vanderwaal is still alive and kicking somewhere? We all thought Alison was dead for years! Like Mona, Ali's death was filled with jaw-dropping twists and mysterious turns, yet despite being buried alive, Alison still managed to escape a deathly fate. To quote Mona, "You have to look at the big picture," and we think this whole situation points to more of a kidnapping, and less of a murder.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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