'Empire' Episode 7 Recap: Winners, Losers, and Truth Bombs


On this week's Empire, Cookie won over the investors, Anika got a shocking surprise, and hip-hop mogul Lucious Lyon finally came clean to his family about his ALS, setting the scene for the drama to come in the final episodes of the the breakout hit’s first season.

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Here's a look at the winners, losers and best lines from "Our Dancing Days."


The Lyon Family


From Cookie dressing down her youngest sons to the entire family working together to wow the IPO investors, the Lyons are coming together to keep the Empire strong. Even though their family meeting in the final minutes of the episode was to announce Lucious’ tragic news, it was surprisingly nice to see everyone together in the same room, acting civil and fawning over Jamal’s daughter. Plus Cookie and Lucious’ genuinely sweet moment had us rooting for the exes to get back together.

Honorable Mentions:

- Kudos to the Empire king for coming clean to his family. Less kudos for cheating on his fiancee with his ex-wife, but we can’t help but root for Lucious and Cookie, so the man gets a win this week. Here’s hoping he listens to the real doctors and gets to stick around a little longer.

- It took the threat of an illegitimate daughter to do it, but the middle Lyon son finally got some support from his disapproving father who consoled him on not only being a dad, but his breakup with Michael. "I’m not sorry he’s gone, I am sorry you’re not happy" is by far the most acceptance we’ve heard from Lucious yet.

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Her plot to ruin Cookie by drugging Elle Dallas didn’t pan out the way she wanted, Lucious chose Cookie over her to give the investor speech AND she walked in on her fiance in bed with his ex-wife? Bad week for Boo Boo Kitty.

Honorable Mentions:

- The eldest Lyon son took his father’s medical news hard and seems to be on the verge of a serious mental break.

Jamal’s daughter
- The poor girl was stuck on the elevator before anyone realized her mother had ditched her. Plus side, she got to spend the rest of the day hanging out with Gabourey Sidibe.

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"The kid can’t be mine, I only slept with that girl once." - Jamal, not quite understanding how to make a baby.

"Seems like your lady's on a completely different date than you are, but if that chicken right there doesn’t turn that around, nothing will." - Guest star Chef Roblé offering Hakeem some relationship help.


"You want to brand me with your name, but you won’t take me out in public." - Naomi Campbell’s Camilla, not enjoyed her boy toy’s gift of a “Hakeem” chain.

"I’ve been around Empire so long, I’m on CP time." - Courtney Love’s Elle Dallas, with some questionable appropriation.


"I love you, Cookie." - Lucious Lyon, praising his ex-wife, and pissing off his wife-to-be.

"This was always a good song."
"Because it was about you."



"Walk Out On Me"


The Lyon boys crushed their performance of "Money For Nothing" (which somewhat bizarrely sampled the 30-year-old Dire Straits song of the same name), but the real winner of the night was Courtney Love’s character Elle Dallas belting out this soulful showstopper.

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"Lucious Lyon is a musical god, and he's also a crazy son of a bitch who had a dream."

Cookie's speech to the investors was solid gold.




Chef Roblé was a treat and Naomi Campbell slayed as always, but it’s time to give Antwone Fisher star Derek Luke his due as Lucious’ hunky new head of security Malcolm Deveaux. We’d like to second Cookie’s offer to have Malcolm come check up on our home security system any time.

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