Roma Downey, Mark Burnett Spill Secrets From NBC's 'A.D. The Bible Continues'

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On Easter Sunday, A.D. The Bible Continues picks up where The Bible miniseries left off and ET sat down with the series producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to discuss their latest faith-based project.

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"In the crucifixion, as Jesus says, 'It is finished' and he dies, the sky starts to change," Mark told ET, referring to an exclusive clip released to us. "And we note on the crown of thorns a drip of blood falls in slow motion and hits the earth with such force that an earthquake begins."

Argentinian actor Juan Pablo Di Pace, 35, is the man Roma and Mark chose to play Jesus, which is a role he will cherish for the rest of his life.

"The crucifixion scene -- I'll take that to my grave," Di Pace told ET. "Because it was such an iconic moment for my life. To be standing up there and have the vantage point of being on the cross as him -- everything was so real. The only thing that wasn't real was the camera flying around. Everything else was like being there."

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After The Bible brought in massive numbers for History, expectations are high for the follow-up. Mark and Roma, who have been married since 2007, have gone on tour, travelling to churches across the country and getting encouraging feedback on the new series. While the series has affected viewers in big way, it may have affected the cast even more.

"When I received the script, I cried like a baby," Di Pace said.

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A.D. The Bible Continues premieres Sunday, April 5 on NBC.