Derek's Massive Car Crash on 'Grey's Anatomy' Will Give You Chills!

Is this the end of Dr. Derek Shepherd?!

Is this the end of Dr. Derek Shepherd?!

We hate to admit it, Grey's Anatomy fans, but things aren't looking too great for McDreamy in this special sneak peek from tonight's episode.

While en route to the airport so he can get back to D.C. and quit his job, Derek is driving through a canyon and chatting with his sister. (Thank goodness that phone call was hands-free!) Unfortunately, his scenic drive is interrupted by a speed-craving sports car weaving in and out of the lanes.

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As the camera turns a corner, the sports car ahead manically collides with an innocent SUV causing each of the cars to start wildly tumbling down the isolated road. Derek slams on his breaks but is it enough to avoid the wreckage? We're not so sure…

Take a look at the sneak peek video above to see the chilling scene for yourself!

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays 8 p.m. on ABC.

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