Kellan Lutz on His New Reality Show: Yes, You Could Die

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Twilight star Kellan Lutz hosts the new Fox challenge series Bullseye along with comedian Godfrey, and ET went behind the scenes to check out the insanity for ourselves.

"It's nuts!" Lutz told ET. "Of course you could die."

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ET witnessed the level of danger that the contestants throw themselves into when we stopped by the set to watch a competition that involved them being dragged by a semi-truck while trying to hit a bullseye with a Frisbee.

"We trick out dune buggies and we launch them off ramps into fiery targets," Lutz said. "We're having them surf semi-trucks. They're being dragged by helicopters. They're in zorbing balls."

Safety is a critical issue for the stunts and the show takes things seriously when it comes to protecting the contestants.

"I have like eight layers under this of all leather," contestant Bobby Avila said of his protective gear. "I had my helmet. I felt perfectly safe."

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Before the contestants compete, all the stunts are thoroughly tested by professionals and producers act as guinea pigs in preliminary dry runs.

For Godfrey, co-hosting is about as close to the danger as he wants to get, but he loves the competitors' spirits.

"People will do anything for money," Godfrey told ET. "They're trying to get 50 grand."

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Bullseye debuts May 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.