Watch Stephen Colbert Attempt a New 'Late Show' Theme Song


Stephen Colbert is only a few months out from his debut as host of the Late Show, and yet he still needs a theme song.

In a new promo for Colbert's September 8th takeover of the late-night program, the former Colbert Report host attempts to make his own tune -- but it's not great.

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"What time is it? It's late. What show is it? It's show," Colbert croons. "My name's Stephen Colbert from my head down to my feet."

Playing a piano in front of a lengthy to-do list, the 51-year-old funnyman checks off "theme song" from the list and moves on to the No. 2 task: "things to say."

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This silly promo clip comes a week after the host shaved his "Colbeard" for his Late Show debut. That clip has already garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Will you watch Colbert's return to TV on Sept. 8?

Relive David Letterman's last Late Show, below:

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