Nick Cannon Kisses 'AGT' Audience Member and It's Excruciating to Watch

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It's in his kiss?

Nick Cannon had the most awkward kiss ever to air on television and he has Howard Stern to thank for it.

On America's Got Talent, a passion and intimacy expert attempted to show the perfect lip-lock. Stern volunteered Cannon for the demonstration and found him an attractive audience member to partake in the smooch session.

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After all, as Stern points out, the AGT host is newly single.

To say it's awkward to perfect your kissing skills in front of a live studio audience and celebrity judges equipped with buzzers is definitely an understatement. It's hard to watch!

Obviously, Cannon's kiss didn't make the cut, with every judge -- Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B -- buzzing him off the stage. 

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And he wasn't happy. "How can you boo and buzz my kiss?!" Cannon exclaimed. "I thought I did well."

"It was horrible," Stern responded.

Cannon's kiss was approved by one person: the woman he was kissing! The two exited hand in hand.

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