'The Grinder' Star Rob Lowe Responds to Fans Thinking He's on Grindr

Rob Lowe has a heck of a lot going on - but it's not what you think!

Rob Lowe has a heck of a lot going on – but it’s not what you think!

The former Parks and Recreation star is back on television with three new shows: Comedy Central’s Moonbeam City, NBC’s You, Me, and the End of the World and Fox’s The Grinder.

ETonline caught up with Lowe at Comic-Con over the weekend and had to ask: What if fans confuse “Rob Lowe is on The Grinder” with “Rob Lowe is on Grindr?”

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“Could be a good thing!” Lowe told ETonline. “Look I’m very current. I’m culturally significant. I could be on the Grindr app.”

We think everyone would very much enjoy that, Rob!

But when Rob’s not on The Grinder (we mean the show this time), he’s spending time with his family – and it seems his two sons, Matthew and John Owen are taking after Dad.

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Lowe’s youngest son John Owen will be making his acting debut on The Grinder, and his eldest son Matthew will have a role as well. Rob says he would support his sons if they decide to follow in their dad’s acting footsteps.

“I love what I do and it’s been really really good to me,” said Lowe. “I’m just glad that they’re way smarter than I am in that they’re at great universities and getting that kind of education.”

Rob revealed that he was once on the original Star Wars set, check out what he had to say in this video below: