'I Am Cait' Gets Emotional and Educational During a Road Trip With Some New Friends


Caitlyn Jenner is learning a lot about the trans community, and her public persona is called into question.

The second episode of the new docuseries I Am Cait brought viewers farther along on Caitlyn Jenner's journey. She opened up about some of her fears, shared aspects of her new life that she's been nervous about and introduced her audience to a new circle of friends.

One of the things Caitlyn has been wanting to change the most is her voice, which she still believes is quite masculine. She admits to Kim Kardashian that she's even considered having surgery to alter her voice, but decides to work on changing it, possibly with the help of a voice coach.

Caitlyn is also concerned about being accepted in society and as part of the trans community. Considering that the reality star just recently came out as trans, and her transition happened within the last few months, she still feels like it's important to learn more about the community.

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For her girls' night, Caitlyn invited a few influential women from the trans and LGBT communities to learn from them and hear about their experiences. Jenny Boyland, Candis Cayne, Drian Juarez, Chandi Moore, Jen Richards and Zackary Drucker joined Caitlyn. She quickly realizes that there is a lot for her to learn about the community and herself.

Given her status, her wealth, her fame, and her well-received public debut in Vanity Fair earlier this year, Caitlyn's transition has been very different from many who have struggled greatly since beginning their own journeys.

Caitlyn discovers from her new group friends that the lives of many other trans people have been very difficult. From suicide to abuse to being slowly forced into sex work and even getting unsafe medical procedures from shady doctors, the experiences for some have been often challenging, and even harrowing.

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Caitlyn's de facto status as one of the most public and most spotlighted members of the community is also called into question.

"We can support an individual trans person, and celebrate their authenticity and their dignity, and what they do with their privilege, while still calling into question a system that makes this particular story the one that we finally listen to, while we've been ignoring the stories of black and Latina trans women and poor trans women," Jen Richards explained during the group's discussion.

The episode also saw Caitlyn and her new circle of friends go on a road trip across the country, which gives the group an opportunity to get closer and for Caitlyn to learn more about the women and their lives.

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Aside from Caitlyn's insecurity around her voice, we also learned that she's not yet comfortable showing off her body in a bathing suit.

During one stop on the vacation, many of the girls decide to take a dip in the hot tub at the hotel they're staying at, and Caitlyn admits that even though she's been in a bathing suit since her transition, she hasn't gone swimming, and is still a little insecure about baring her body in front of others.

This episode was deeply emotional, and seemed to be very revealing for Caitlyn, who discovered so much more about the trans community than she ever knew. The societal focus of her ESPY Award speech seemed to be deeply rooted in the lessons she learned from the women she spent time with on her trip.

Some of the women who joined Caitlyn in this episode and on the trip jumped on social media during and after the episode to share their thoughts.

Caitlyn's journey has been well-received and widely watched by America. Neilson recently announced that, after taking DVR data into consideration, the first episode of I Am Cait enjoyed the biggest premiere ratings of any unscripted show on cable in 2015.

Caitlyn's road trip with her new friends continues next Sunday at 8 p.m. on E!.

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