'The Biggest Loser' Returns With New Twists: Here's What to Expect in Season 17

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The Biggest Loser returns to NBC on Monday with a new house, new gym, new host and a tantalizing new twist!

New host Bob Harper will continue to motivate contestants as they try to lose weight, but this time they're doing it in the face of real-life hurdles.

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The show's 17th season carries the theme of "temptation," and incorporates non-food indulgences such as shopping and using electronic devices.

This season's brave souls include The Voice's Erin Willet, who teams up with Survivor winner Richard Hatch. In case you're wondering, Hatch still has a penchant for going au naturel.

"I'm not ashamed," Hatch told ET. "It's my body. So what?"

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The contestants aren't the only ones jumping through hoops this season. Harper's new gig presented its own set of challenges.

"The long hours that a host has ... I mean, my first day of shooting my call time was 6 p.m. and I wrapped at 5 a.m.," Harper told ET. "Are you kidding me? I got to get to bed!"

The Biggest Loser airs Monday at 9 p.m.ET/PT on NBC.