Jennifer Lawrence Met Harrison Ford and It Was Amazingly Embarrassing: 'I Humiliated Myself'

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Harrison Ford is apparently not familiar with Jennifer Lawrence.

The Hunger Games star revealed the awkward moment she met Harrison Ford, along with his Force Awakens director, J.J. Abrams, when she decided to do something highly out of character.

"For the first time ever in my career -- I never assume anyone knows who I am -- I saw Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams, and was like, 'Yeah this is fine, we're all co-workers.... Be right back guys, I'm gonna go say hi to the Star Wars dudes!'" the 25-year-old actress said on The Graham Norton Show.

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That's when Lawrence says she approached their table snapping and dancing as they looked back at her, stunned.

"I realized while I was dancing they have no idea who I am," she said. "So I just turned around and walked back. Dying."

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Oh nooooo! Well on the bright side, that might be the coolest possible way to meet Indiana Jones himself.

While on the program, Lawrence also discussed her updated X-Men Mystique costume, which has its benefits... and drawbacks.

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"Turns out, they never had to do eight hours of full-blown body paint ever," the Oscar winner joked, explaining the simplified process to get her blue look. "It's a blue pantyhose that goes around my whole body that I can't sit to pee in."

"I had to pee standing up, out of a funnel," she added.

Watch the clip below:

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Not gonna lie, that was a little bit TMI (and why are you BB-gunning people in the bathroom, James McAvoy?!), but it's good to see the X-Men cast all getting close.

Meanwhile, ET caught up with Lawrence on Thursday, who shared a revealing story about how her accent would change when she would fight with her ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. Watch the video below.

Watch the video below.