EXCLUSIVE: 'Ugly Betty' Cast Spills on Their Craziest On-Screen Moments and Their Reunion Movie Plans!

It's a Mode Magazine reunion!

It's a Mode Magazine reunion!

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Ugly Betty's debut, ET sat down with America Ferrera and the entire cast of the ABC dramedy (minus Becki Newton who was home sick with pneumonia) at the ATX Television Festival in Austin last weekend and we got the stars to reminisce about their craziest on-screen moments.

"My first day shooting on the pilot, we shot the scene where Betty comes out in the hot pants. That was our very first scene," Ferrera recalled with a laugh to her co-star Eric Mabius, who played Daniel Meade. "I remember, like, the models were really mean."

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Luckily, Ferrera's experience as the titular character vastly improved from that point on. In 2007, she went on to win a SAG Award, a Golden Globe, and became the first Latina actress to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy.

Ferrera revealed that one of her favorite -- and most tear-jerking -- episodes was when her onscreen sister Hilda, played by Ana Ortiz, got married.

"Everything that happened on that show felt so real and we all felt so invested in it," Ferrera explained. "Whenever anything emotional happened in the show it felt like [it was for] these characters, but it also was us and it was our family."

Vanessa Williams, who played Mode Magazine's top-schemer and master manipulator, Wilhelmina Slater, said she knew from the first script that Ugly Betty was a one-of-a-kind TV show.

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"I knew that it was so different from what was going to be seen on TV that I didn't think that it was going to get picked up," Williams said. "It was so unique -- there was nothing else like it."

Over Ugly Betty's four seasons on the air, ET visited the ABC set 15 times – and we were even there for the hilarious episode when Williams and co-star Judith Light recreated Dynasty's infamous lily pond fight.

As we replayed the moment from our ET Vault for the cast, Light revealed that water-filled scene was the "most fun" she's had on a series. "We had such a good time and because we knew each other, we knew that were going be safe with each other so nothing bad was going to happen," the Transparent star said. "It was so well choreographed and we just had such a good time."

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While it's clear that that entire cast enjoyed their time on the smash comedy, would they be up for an official on-screen Ugly Betty reunion? "YES!" the entire group screamed at our cameras.

"We will give Hulu first dibs," Ferrera spilled of a potential Ugly Betty continuation. "They get a first-look deal on our two-hour movie special -- that I'm declaring right now. I'm making this up."

Ferrera's fake movie idea could soon evolve into the real deal because the cast has already started a campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #HuluBringBackUglyBetty. Here’s hoping!