Luis D. Ortiz Leaves 'Million Dollar Listing: New York': 'I Chose Happiness'

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Luis D. Ortiz is saying goodbye to Bravo's Million Dollar Listing: New York.

The luxury realtor isn't just leaving the show, however -- he's also leaving the business.

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"It was tough because, first of all, I didn't know that that was what I needed to do," Ortiz told The Daily Dish. "I always ignored that that could be a possibility, because I'm at the peak of my game and doing better today than I've ever done in my career. So why would I think that?"

"But when I realized that it wasn't making me happy, it was a hard decision to make because then you say you have built a career that is allowing you to do so well or you're doing so well, but yet doesn't make you happy -- so the decision has to be: which one do I choose?" he continued. "I chose happiness."

Ortiz -- who appeared on the Bravo show for four seasons -- also explained his decision on his Instagram on Thursday.

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"Good morning America, Good afternoon Europe! Today is the Season Finale of Million Dollar Listing New York," the 29-year-old reality TV star started his message. "I came to New York, 10 years ago, with only my heart and my desire to explore everything that there was out about myself and although I still haven't seen all of it…I am so proud and happy of where I am today."

"Tonight, you will see a very raw and extended finale. You will get to see one of my biggest epiphanies of my career and I'm so glad I was able to document it and share it with all of you!" he added. "Love you all and Thank you!"

Though it's still unclear what Ortiz's next career move will be, he appears to be enjoying his time off. On Friday, he posted a photo of an open field along with a quote about happiness to Instagram.

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While Ortiz has definitely seen his fair share of drama on the show, he’s also participated in some lighter moments. Check it out in the video below.