'Once Upon a Time' Introducing Aladdin and Jafar in Season 6


Oded Fehr is playing the Disney villain, Jafar, in the sixth season.

Once Upon a Time
is taking on the story of Aladdin!

ABC's fairy tale drama revealed the exciting new storyline for the upcoming sixth season at the end of its Comic-Con panel on Saturday, which was unveiled during an exclusive screening of the opening scene from the Sept. 25 premiere.

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In the clip, Covert Affairs star Oded Fehr is revealed as the evil Jafar, while newcomer Deniz Akdeniz is introduced as Aladdin.

The character of Jafar has previously been seen in the wider Once Upon a Time universe. Lost alum Naveen Andrews played the role in the short-lived spinoff, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Once Upon a Time
continues to add new blood into the expansive world, with iconic characters like Morpheus and the Count of Monte Cristo coming into the fray.

Below are a few teases for the upcoming sixth season:

Regina vs. the Evil Queen:
Now that Regina split herself into two to form Regina and the Evil Queen, things are going to get interesting. Said Lana Parrilla: "[The Evil Queen] is now without a conscience so she's now pure evil and a lot of fun. Regina is desperate to really be this hero and be happy internally, deep down inside. She has a beautiful family now and her sister. It's going to be an interesting journey this year to see how Regina and the Evil Queen co-exist."

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Is Hook Still the Same?
For now, Captain Hook is still the Hook of old. But coming back to life from the dead will have unintended consequences. "I think he’s pretty much the same Hook," Colin O’Donoghue said. "Now that they know it’s true love with Emma, they’re trying to figure out how to navigate being together in the world. Right now, he’s the same Hook… but I think you’ll find out more about his past." Executive producer Adam Horowitz warned that there are “some surprising secrets that have been harbored” from Hook's past that will affect his relationship with Emma.

The Bromance Continues:
Captain Hook and Prince Charming will have a significant arc in the coming season, producers teased. "We do get to see Hook and Charming together in, I think, a fun arc," Horowitz said. Added executive producer Eddy Kitsis: "I would say there’s going to be fun times to be had. It’s just a matter of what your definition of fun is."

Once Upon a Time
returns Sept. 25 on ABC.