EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Tammin Sursok Gets Candid About First Time Motherhood: 'I Felt Isolated

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Tammin Sursok
made her exciting return to Pretty Little Liars this month and Jenna is already stirring up all kinds of trouble in Rosewood.

But before returning to the hit Freeform series, the 32-year-old actress took a long break to welcome her now 2-year-old daughter, Phoenix (her last episode before this season was in 2014 on season 5’s "How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas" episode).

“When you become a mother everything changes,” Tammin tells ET.

“You'll fight with your husband more, you'll drink more alcohol, your body will never be the same, your sex will happen once a week and you'll schedule it,” she shares candidly. “I wish people told me! And if someone said 'I schedule sex too,’ I’d be like, ‘oh my God I’m not a crazy person.’”

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It’s these feelings and discoveries that prompted Tammin to launch her new blog, Bottle and Heels.

“After my daughter was born, I felt very isolated and lost… I didn’t have a community and network of women around me who could support and uplift each other and I didn’t have any friends who had kids…,” she explains. “When you go through something -- you change the world or it defines you and I wanted to create an online forum [for moms] to come together.”

Tammin’s whole motto on the blog is honesty. One of her newest posts details what couples who are about to welcome their first newborn should know.

“I thought I was gonna go to the hospital… I got my makeup done, and I bought all these sexy underwear ‘cause I was like I’m gonna give birth, I’m gonna look at my husband and be like 'I effing love you… you made this baby with me!’

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But she says that’s not at all how it works -- and while childbirth is beautiful -- it’s not glamorous.

“I WAS IN AN ADULT SIZED DIAPER FOR TWO WEEKS,” she reveals dramatically. “Two weeks! My husband had to hypnotize me on the toilet to fart because you can’t leave unless you do and no one tells you about this stuff!”

“You think it's going to be one way and it's not and no one talks about it,” she says, adding, “And then you have postpartum depression ’cause you’re like ‘I’m the only person who was in an adult sized diaper’ …and you’re not -- I would say 95% of the people are -- even your husband just to support you.”

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And now that she’s back on Pretty Little Liars, she’s balancing motherhood with blogging and her career -- a challenging feat for anyone.

“That's the enigma -- people think it's really easy to juggle and it's not and every day is a struggle and you're trying to figure out what’s best for your child, what’s best for your career... and it's just a work in progress… I'm excited and happy and very thankful that i I get to do all of it.”

But still -- Tammin says the perks of motherhood far surpass everything else she’s experienced -- and it’s changed her perspective on life.

“I used to put so much stress and so much pressure on being successful and now in my life I feel really successful because of my daughter,” she says.

“I am so lucky to be in this position and have a great career but at the end of the day I come home and she throws her arms around me and she makes me feel like I'm enough and so everything else is just… fun.”

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And Tammin tells ET she and her husband can’t wait to have more kids.

“I would love to create another life and give birth to another child… soon!”

Catch Tammin on Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday nights on Freeform
(please note this week the show is on hiatus and will return Aug 1).

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