'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X' -- New Ideas Challenge Old

Talk about a showdown for the ages!

Talk about a showdown for the ages! The upcoming 33rd season of Survivor pits Generation Xers against Millennials, and we have a first look at the cast.

"Gen X sits here strong, saying, 'We built this world,' and then the Millennials say, 'Yes, and we're changing it," host Jeff Probst shares in a behind-the-scenes clip.

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The 10 members of Gen X range in age from 33 to 52, while the Millennials are between 18 and 31.

The show is taking the competition to Fiji for the second time this season and according to Probst, some of the generational divides came into play just days in.

"Some of the Gen Xers have kids that are Millennials, so there's this parent-child thing that you can't avoid, because they're parents and they're imagining, 'What if this was my kid out here?'" he says. "We've already had some rough weather and I know already in talking to Gen X there was some concern for those kids."

While the location presents unique challenges in weather, it also provides a big opportunity for Probst.

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"I'm happy to be back in Fiji to re-write the Survivor history in Fiji," he says. "I've always been honest: Fiji was not one of my favorite seasons. Doesn't mean the people weren't good. Doesn't mean I don't like Earl as a winner. I think he's a great winner. But as a season -- not one I'd put in my top 10. We're determined to make this a top 10 season."

Check out the cast stats below.


Adam Klein

Age: 25

Lives in: San Francisco

Occupation: Homeless Shelter Manager

Hannah Shapiro

Age: 24

Lives in: West Hollywood, Calif. via Brookline, Mass.

Occupation: Barista

Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa

Age: 23

Lives in: Nashville, Tenn. via Indianapolis, Ind.

Occupation: Bartender

Justin "Jay" Starrett

Age: 27

Lives in: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Mari Takahashi

Age: 31

Lives in: Los Angeles via San Francisco

Occupation: Professional Gamer

Michaela Bradshaw

Age: 25

Lives in: Fort Worth, Texas

Occupation: Vacation Club Sales

Michelle Schubert

Age: 28

Lives in: Yakima, Wash.

Occupation: Missionary Recruiter

Taylor Lee Stocker

Age: 24

Lives in: Postfalls, Idaho via Spokane, Wash.

Occupation: Ski Instructor

Will Wahl

Age: 18

Lives in: Long Valley, N.J.

Occupation: High School Student

Zeke Smith

Age: 28

Lives in: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Occupation: Asset Manager


Bret LaBelle

Age: 42

Lives in: Dedham, Mass.

Occupation: Police Sergeant

Chris Hammons

Age: 38

Lives in: Moore, Okla.

Occupation: Trial Lawyer

Ciandre "CeCe" Taylor

Age: 39

Lives in: Granada Hills, Calif. via Buffalo, N.Y.

Occupation: Insurance Adjuster

David Wright

Age: 42

Lives in: Sherman Oaks, Calif. via Philadelphia, Penn.

Occupation: Television Writer

Jessica Lewis

Age: 37

Lives in: Voorheesville, N.Y.

Occupation: Assistant District Attorney

Ken McNickle

Age: 33

Lives in: Denver via Hana, Maui

Occupation: Model

Lucy Huang

Age: 42

Lives in: Diamond Bar, Calif.

Occupation: Dietician

Paul Wachter

Age: 52

Lives in: Sugarloaf Key, Fla. via Long Island

Occupation: Boat Mechanic

Rachel Ako

Age: 37

Lives in: Los Angeles. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Occupation: Recruiting Director

Sunday Burquest

Age: 45

Lives in: Otsego, Minn.

Occupation: Youth Pastor

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X premieres Sept. 21 on CBS with a special 90-minute edition.