EXCLUSIVE: 'Fear the Walking Dead' Stars Preview 'Death' and 'Chaos' Ahead in Season 2

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AMC's Fear the Walking Dead returns this Sunday for its sure-to-be-shocking second half of season two, and we have the inside scoop from the series' stars on all the bloody drama looming our way.

"There's a lot of death, there's separation, there's chaos, and hurt feelings," Mercedes Mason, who plays Ofelia, teased to ET at Comic-Con last month. "There's a lot of individual growth because we ended the first half of this season with of a lot of loss and I think that forces you to wither and crumble or it strengthens you."

When we last saw our Fear TWD gang in the mid-season finale, the group suffered from multiple heart-wrenching fissures with Travis (Cliff Curtis) choosing stay with his chaos-craving son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) and Nick (Frank Dillane) deciding to live as a drifter among the undead.

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Now that almost all of her family has abandoned her, Madison's (Kim Dickens) mental state is going to be severely shaken. "She's kind of messed up when we first come back," Dickens confessed. "She's kind of distraught and very unmoored, but she doesn't give up hope. She's frantically searching for them."


Alycia Debnam-Carey
, who plays the ever-evolving Alicia Clark, revealed that due to the many different paths that the Fear characters are now on, the next upcoming episodes are going to tell isolated stories. "In the second half we really focus on people," the actress said. "It's really one-on-one, and very intimate in that way, so that's one of the biggest changes for the second half."

"We also take the claustrophobia aspect out of the story," Mason added, referencing The Abigail, the boat that served as the group's tight-spaced home earlier this season. "We don’t have each other to rely on so much anymore, and now we're out in the open in a new culture with a new language and it puts a lot of pressure on a group."

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Speaking of new, fans will be introduced to a brand new survivor, played by Danay Garcia, who will provide key insight into how the Mexican culture deals with this apocalyptic tragedy.

"The Mexican culture views death in a very unique way," Garcia explained to ET. "There are three kinds of death: the day you die, the day you get buried and the day you’re forgotten."

Garcia revealed that this "evolution of death" is something that is going to be the main catalyst of problems for life in this new world. It’s a completely new world. It’s a completely new story. Now we’re talking about foreigners coming to this land," she shared. "They don’t really know what’s going on and it changes everything. Characters that really come to life -- they become desperate and they really want to survive."

Fear the Walking Dead
premieres Sunday, Aug. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.