EXCLUSIVE: Kevin James on How New 'Kevin Can Wait' Role Differs From His 'King of Queens' Character

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Kevin James is back home at CBS, but he says the real hero of his new series, Kevin Can Wait, is his onscreen wife, Erinn Hayes.

The comedian tells ET that Hayes fell ill the morning of their pilot taping, but soldiered on to get the job done.

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"Food poisoning the whole day," James says, pointing at Hayes. "[She] comes out a trouper. We would have canceled. She's on her back the whole day getting IV! That is the true hero of Kevin Can Wait."

In the series, James stars as a retired police officer looking forward to spending quality time with his wife and three kids, but he has a rude awakening when he learns that being at home presents tougher challenges than anything the mean streets can dish out.

James let us know what he thinks are the biggest differences between his new character and his former role on King of Queens.

"Kevin Can Wait is four pounds heavier," James jokes. "He's a little smarter?"

Another difference is that on the current show, James has children. In real life, James has four kids with wife Steffiana de la Cruz: Sienna-Marie, 10, Shea, 9, Kannon, 5, and Sistine, 1.

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James shared that one of his children might be causing a little confusion about what he actually does for a living.

"My kid always says to me, 'Why do you got to keep doing adult movies?'" he says. "And I go, 'It's grownup movies.' She'll say in front of everybody. She goes in front of people like, 'He keeps doing adult movies,' and I'm like, 'I do movies for grownups.'"

Kevin Can Wait is set to premiere Sept. 19 on CBS.