EXCLUSIVE: Gary Condit Opens Up About Chandra Levy Murder Case 15 Years Later on 'Dr. Phil'

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Fifteen years after he was investigated in an unsolved murder case that shocked the nation, former congressman Gary Condit is giving his side of the story to Dr. Phil.

In 2001, Chandra Levy, a 24-year-old intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C., vanished while jogging. A year later, her remains were found in a remote area of D.C.'s Rock Creek Park.

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At the time, investigators claimed that Condit, a married man, admitted to police that he had an affair with Levy. Condit has always publicly steadfastly denied having an affair with Levy, who was in his congressional district, and he has always maintained his innocence in connection with her disappearance and death.

"I saw her one time outside the office at a restaurant, and she came by my condo once," Condit tells Dr. Phil. "Maybe twice. I think it was twice she came by. Once again, I want to make this clear. There's nothing unusual about someone coming by my condo. A lot of people did. People have made some speculation about that being something special, but you know..."

Condit, 68, was never charged in connection to the crime, but this didn't stop him from being judged by the court of public opinion.

"There were people who would walk up to me and say, 'Where'd you hide the body?'" Condit recalls. "Or they would yell across the room, 'Murderer!'"

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Despite being ruled out as a suspect early on in the investigation, Condit's political career crumbled after Levy's murder.

In 2010, Ingmar Guandique, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for Levy's murder, but his conviction was later overturned with all charges being dismissed. Today, the case remains unsolved.

In speaking to ET, Dr. Phil promises "there will be no stone left unturned" in his interview with Condit.

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"The story within the story is how someone could get so railroaded and a rabid media machine that took his life and his career and wadded it up and threw it away," Dr. Phil says.

Watch the full interview when it airs Thursday on Dr. Phil.