EXCLUSIVE: Rachael Ray Spills on Her Surprise 'Gilmore Girls' Role Filling in For Melissa McCarthy!


Only Sookie St. James could lure a replacement like Rachael Ray.

As those who have already binge-watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life know, the famous chef fills in at the Dragonfly while Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) is away.

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ET's Leanne Aguilera reached out to Ray ahead of her Stars Hollow debut, where she spilled all about her special appearance, and revealed that while she's on TV nearly every day, she was actually nervous for her Gilmore Girls cameo.

"I was so nervous. I mean, I'm not an actress," shared Ray, who made her acting debut on Young & Hungry earlier this year. "Everything we do is unscripted, but I was so impressed that the food stylist made all my food…She made all my real food, so it was kinda cool!"

"I've only been real-fired once in life, and I was kind of embarrassed that I got fake-fired on the show, but if it brought back Melissa McCarthy, that’s fine with me," she added.

While Lorelai (Lauren Graham) doesn't take too kindly to Ray -- Sookie's just irreplaceable! -- the 48-year-old chef said Graham is a much different story.

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"Lauren I've known for years, she's one of our favorite guests [on The Rachael Ray Show], and I just think she's such a delight to be around," Ray gushed. "She makes everybody feel at ease. She's so lovely and a great actress, [and she] calmed me right down on set!"

"[Stars Hollow] was so charming!" she added. "Really the cutest film town ever and it reminded me of my hometown in upstate New York, so it was almost like a vacation."

As for how Ray was able to keep such a big secret, she said it actually wasn't that difficult.

"I work all summer over at Food Network. People just ask me food questions, so it was pretty easy to keep it a secret," she dished -- no pun intended.

Reporting by Leanne Aguilera.

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