Keith Urban Rescues Nicole Kidman From Another Awkward 'Tonight Show' Interview With Jimmy Fallon

It turns out Fallon actually missed two chances to date Kidman, but her handsome husband made sure to remind the host who ended up winning her heart.

Nicole Kidman
sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday for the first time since her interview last year, when she hilariously revealed that the Tonight Show host once inadvertently passed up the chance to go on a date with her.

Kidman admitted to Fallon that she "so didn't want to come back" after that story broke big, but decided to return to promote her new film, Lion. However, it turns out that Fallon didn't just miss one chance at dating Kidman, but two!

According to the actress, after their awkward not-a-date at his apartment, the comic actually got a second chance to ask for her number when they were both at a party at director David Fincher's house. Fallon apparently blew that opportunity as well.

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"It was when Brad [Pitt] and Jen [Aniston] were still together, so it was a long time ago, and you could have asked for my number then… and you still didn't ask for it!" Kidman revealed to a baffled Fallon, who clearly didn't remember going to any such party at all.

"We were lurking in the kitchen after everyone went out and I'm like waiting and waiting and waiting," Kidman recalled. "This is so true and you know it!"

After a few minutes of their hilariously awkward interview, Kidman's husband, Keith Urban, surprised Fallon with a guitar serenade as he walked on stage to just to make sure the talk show host knew who ended up winning the Aussie actress' heart.

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After playing a quick riff on his guitar, Urban planted a passionate kiss on his wife's lips and she even sat on his lap.

It was clear that Fallon was seriously surprised by Urban's unexpected cameo, asking through his laughter, "How did you pull this off? How did I not see you? I even visited you quickly backstage to say hi and you didn't bring this up at all."

The surprise move threw Fallon for a loop for the rest of the interview, but not before he got in the most important question: "Would you ever invite me over to the house?" (To Urban's credit, he seemed unfazed by the suggestion.)

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While Kidman may have been interested in the adorable talk show host many years ago, it's pretty evident that she and Urban have one of the sweetest romances in Hollywood.

On Wednesday, they spoke with ET at the New York City premiere of Lion, where the country crooner marveled how much of an "incredible mom" Kidman is to their two daughters. Check out the video below to hear more.