EXCLUSIVE: 'Killing Fields' Season 2 Finds Links to Other Unsolved Cases

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Killing Fields is
back -- and ET has your first look at season two, which returns to the
Louisiana swamplands to solve the 1997 homicide of former Louisiana State
University student Eugenie Boisfontaine. 

While the series -- which is filmed in real time -- didn’t
solve the mystery in its first season, detectives Rodie Sanchez and Aubrey St.
Angelo are as determined as ever to bring justice to Boisfontaine’s family.

But within the sprawling area where Boisfontaine’s body was
found -- known locally as killing fields -- there are dozens of unsolved deaths
to investigate. And under Sheriff Brett Stassi and Major Ronnie Hebert, the
detectives also investigate current crimes, including a terrifying case of a
body stuffed inside a barrel. Believing it’s linked to an unsolved
disappearance from 26 years ago, Sanchez starts putting all the cases together. 

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Could these open investigations lead to new clues in cold cases?
It’s only a matter of time before forensic technology and investigative police
work lead them to justice -- and, more importantly for the victims and their
families, to closure. 

If nothing else, Killing
will satisfy the appetite of true-crime fans. “Crime has always been
a staple of television,” says Tom Fontana, creator of NBC’s Homicide:
Life on the Street
 and an Emmy-winning writer and producer,
acknowledging the recent success of true-crime documentaries Making a Murderer, Amanda Knox and others. “These days, because of the advances in
technology -- both in fighting crime and behind the camera -- we have a much
larger palette from which to choose, so we’re able to tell fuller, compelling

The show, which is co-executive produced by Fontana and
Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson, will return with seven new episodes
starting Jan. 3, 2017, at 10 p.m. ET. 

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