'Mariah's World': Mariah Carey Kisses Backup Dancer Bryan Tanaka as James Packer Pays Her a 'Sweet' Visit

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Mariah Carey is a maker of moments, and during the second episode of her E! docu-series Mariah's World, those moments involved James Packer, backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, her twins, a pesky mosquito and more Apple TV drama.

The mom of two discussed the importance of memorable moments with her children, Monroe and Moroccan, who she said are the “light of my life,” as they partook in a late-night tour of Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London (you know, an average family pastime). 

She also experienced a bleak mosquito moment, in which one was swarming her as she gave one of her famous lingerie testimonials, forcing her to stop mid-sentence to address the nuisance in a way only Carey can (“Really with the mosquito?”). And then there were the moments she shared with ex-fiance James Packer and Bryan Tanaka, the “Heartbreaker” singer’s backup dancer who is said to be “crushing” on Carey.

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Based on a flirty exchange during Sunday night’s all-new episode, the feeling appears to be mutual as things heated up between Tanaka and Carey while the two rendezvoused backstage during a Glasgow stop on her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour. A smitten Mariah gave her hair a kittenish toss as Tanaka complimented her children (to which the singer responded, “You gotta meet them”) and also sent his well-wishes to both the singer and Packer. “Congratulations on your engagement,” he said, greeting her with a hug.

During a confessional, Tanaka revealed that “she’s really been supportive of me as a dancer, choreographer and person.” The two parted ways with a romantic kiss.

Meanwhile, Packer paid Carey a brief visit, and though she didn’t quite glow the way she did in Tanaka’s presence, she seemed pleased. “I thought it was very sweet,” she enthused, fidgeting her fingers, doing more things with her hair (Mariah loves to pet her mane, FYI) and noting her then-fiance’s “busy” schedule. In the background, Stella Bulochnikov, her manager, is heard saying, “They make a hot couple.”

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In the midst of her blossoming romance with Tanaka and wedding to Packer, which has since been called off, the singer opened up about previously being “with someone who had a lot of control in my life.”

“He had a lot of power,” she said, hinting that said man was former Sony Music head Tommy Mottola, whom Carey divorced in 1997. Carey has referred to the mansion they shared as “Sing Sing” because, as she lamented during Mariah’s World, she was “sequestered” and “had to get permission to leave.”

“I thought I was gonna be haunting that house, dead,” she confessed.

Carey also kept it real with her makeup artist Kristofer Buckle about why she refrains from showing the left side of her face in front of cameras. 

“Mariah will refer to this as her bad side,” Buckle said, commenting on the left side of her face.

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Carey elaborated, pointing to a photo shoot from her teenage years during which she was told to expose only part of her face.

“This is your good side,” an unidentified woman told her, Carey recalled. “Only let people photograph you from your good side -- ever.”

The heavy moment didn’t last long before the chanteuse slipped into diva mode: “I don’t need it when I’m well lit," she stated. 

We learned about that special lighting near the end, when Carey revealed that her “elevator lighting” expression originated from Christie Brinkley. In case you don’t know who that is, let Mimi explain: “Christie Brinkley, the supermodel of the '80s, and then she was with Billy Joel.”

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