Emma Watson Hilariously Pranks Nanny on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' -- Watch!

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Emma Watson wants a nanny, just like Corinne Olympios from The Bachelor.

On Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 26-year-old actress interviewed a potential nanny as part of a hilarious prank that she pulled off with a little help from Ellen DeGeneres.

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"I'm looking for a nanny," Watson tells the woman, while DeGeneres feeds lines in her earpiece. "But here's the thing, you'd be my nanny."

"I got the idea from Corinne from The Bachelor," Watson adds.

The nanny, who happens to be a Bachelor fan, doesn't seem to mind caring for an adult. (She thinks it's "awesome.")

But Watson has even more crazy requests.

The British star pretends to be "very particular" about food (no crust on her sandwiches ) and drinks (she likes Red Bull, but not milk), before throwing a mini-tantrum, while the nanny politely looks on.

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Later in the interview, Watson dishes on her dream role in Beauty and the Beast, and attending her very first movie premiere back in 2001.

As a longtime fan of the Disney fairy tale, Watson shares how she adjusted the character for a new generation of young girls.

"It was very important to me that she be very active and in control of her own destiny," Watson explains to DeGeneres. "I wanted her to be powerful, which she already was, to be honest."

Watson also reminisces about her fashion evolution since the 2001 debut of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

"My mom and I planned it for weeks," she says of a photo of herself at 10 years old wearing a long, gray dress. “It doesn’t look like it but there was a lot of thought put into this. I thought I looked amazing."

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ET caught up with Watson at the Beauty and the Beast premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday, where she gushed more about the role of Belle.

"This was a huge deal for me," she shared. "I mean, I watched it as a child, you know, ad nauseam to the point where my parents were like, 'We can't watch it again, please.' And so I feel like I've been incredibly blessed in my career so far. I already played Hermione, who was one of my heroines. I played Sam in Perks of Being a Wallflower. But to play Belle, it just feels like such an honor. And you know if my 5-year-old self knew I was going to get to do this, she would have died."

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