'Westworld' Bosses Finally Answered One of Our Biggest Lingering Questions -- Plus, 4 Details About Season 2!


Co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are staying pretty tight-lipped about the future of the HBO drama.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy deserve a prize -- the Westworld bosses aren't giving away any major details when it comes to season two!

The co-creators (and couple) behind the HBO drama were quizzed by fans at Westworld's PaleyFest panel in Los Angeles on Saturday, and while they stayed tight-lipped on the show's sophomore season, Nolan did slip in an answer to one of the biggest lingering questions about season one's finale: Was Maeve's emotional decision to get off the train all according to script?

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"The way we designed it, the way we shot it, you know, the beautiful performance, in that moment, that is really the first decision she's ever made," Nolan said, revealing that the move was of Maeve's own free will.

"For me, it's a very emotional moment in the episode, because you're seeing the first of free will there," he added.

So, going into season two, Maeve is finally thinking for herself -- but what else can we expect from the Sci-Fi Western? Here's what we gathered from Saturday's panel.

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1. The Man in Black won't be donning a samurai suit.

Ed Harris made quite a few demands for his character during the panel, starting with wardrobe. "I just don't want to be naked or wearing a samurai suit," he shared, referencing the samurai hosts featured in the season one finale. "I'm saying that publicly. I'm the Man in Black, not the Man in the Samurai Suit."

"[A black samurai suit] doesn't count," he argued with Nolan. "Samurai's don't wear hats."

And it seems it was Harris' way or the highway, as Joy finally confirmed: "We won't see him in a samurai suit."

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2. Joy and Nolan are writing the entirety of season two before shooting -- but won't reveal when filming starts.

"It's a musical," Nolan teased of his plans for the upcoming season.

"We're writing. It's a 10 hour movie we're making, so we're writing right now, [and] we're terribly excited about what we're writing. Reddit has already figured it out. The third episode twist, we're changing out," he joked, promising not to give the actors the scripts ahead of time. "We're still not going to give it to you. You clearly enjoyed it so much."

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3. Season two may feature other worlds.

"That would be cool," Nolan mused, refusing to confirm whether or not that was the plan.

4. A "dark" version of a children's song will be included in the score.

"I can give a hint about one of [the songs included in season two]," Joy revealed of the music they'll be featuring, much to Nolan's chagrin. "At home we have a little girl, so we spend a lot of time watching children's movies, and one of them, the music has been incredibly inspiring, so there may be a strange shout out to a very innocent, joyful song [that] we will change and co-opt and make dark and gloomy, just to traumatize our daughter."

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Season one of Westworld definitely proved that violent delights do have violent ends, but the show's not over yet. Season two is expected to hit HBO in 2018.