EXCLUSIVE: Toni Braxton Mediates Her Sisters' Intense Fight Over Fries (Really!) on 'Braxton Family Values'

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French fries over sisterhood?!

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek from Thursday’s Braxton Family Values,Toni Braxton attempts to mediate a fight between her sisters following a contentious family trip to Atlanta, after the tension between them reaches a boiling point.

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“It all started [when] Trina was feeling she was being all judged on her restaurant,” Traci revealed to Toni, who asked Trina if she felt that way. When it comes out that Trina felt undermined by Tamar, who called her “stubborn,” that’s when the truth gets out -- and it’s all over French fries!

“Did they really have World War III over French fries?” Toni questioned, not believing what she was hearing from her sisters. “There has to be some underlying issue that we have to get to. This cannot be about freakin’ French fries!”

Sure enough, she was right.

Tamar, naturally, defended herself and revealed that Traci took their battle one step further and began targeting her mothering skills.

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“When I said it, I honest to god, realized in that moment that damn, my sister’s stubborn. I never thought that about you,” she told Traci. “I always thought that about Toni -- Toni’s very stubborn. … I don’t know how me calling you stubborn turned into me being a bad mother.”

Later, Tamar opened up about Traci’s hurtful comments, saying that if she wasn’t able to raise her child in “a healthy environment,” she would “change her situation.” “At the end of the day, I swear on everything that I love and own -- which is a lot, hallelujah -- I don’t need anybody to co-sign my life,” she explained.

But just when things seem to be cooling off, that’s when the Braxton sisters add more fuel to the fire. Watch the explosive exclusive video above to see what happens next.

Braxton Family Values
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