EXCLUSIVE: Brandi Glanville Gets Handsy With Her Waiter on 'What Happens at The Abbey': 'Take Your Pants Off'


What happens at The Abbey no longer stays at The Abbey.

The new docuseries What Happens at the Abbey gives viewers a look behind the scenes of one of Los Angeles’ most iconic gay bars. ET has your exclusive first look at the premiere, which finds Brandi Glanville stopping in for a fun night out with friends.

“We’re all single,” she announces to hunky VIP server Billy Reilich, whom you might remember as The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s “gardener” from a couple seasons back.

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“Picking up chicks at The Abbey is, like, super easy,” Billy says in a testimonial. “Girls will be touching me and I’ll just reach back and touch them. Then, they’re like, ‘Oh wait, you’re straight?’ I’m like, yep. And they’re like, ‘Oh…’”

Cut back to Brandi’s table, and she’s giving Billy the up and down.

“You have a really cute butt,” she says. “That’s the first thing I notice on things.”

“Did she just call me a thing?” Billy asks.

Then, Brandi starts feeling up a shirtless Billy all over, including the lines around his abs.

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“That’s, like, a big dent!” she notes. “Alright, turn around.”

“Getting grabbed and groped comes with the territory,” Billy confesses. “But, you need to know your server is more than just a meat stick.”

“I just wanted to see and make sure it was real,” Brandi says after copping a feel of Billy’s backside. “People wear padded underwear now. Can you take your pants off and show us?”

Unfortunately for Brandi, Billy does not take his pants off… but that might be more of a health-code thing than a not wanting to take his pants off thing.

What Happens at the Abbey
premieres Sunday, May 14, at 10 p.m. ET on E! For the latest on Brandi, who’s no longer single, check out our exclusive interview in the video below.