EXCLUSIVE: Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli Dish on 'Lovely' Italian Honeymoon, Heartbreaking 'OITNB' Death

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Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli
are opening up about married life!

Wiley, who starred as inmate Poussey Washington on Orange Is the New Black, and Morelli, who is a producer and writer on the hit Netflix drama, tied the knot in March, and they are clearly enjoying married life.

The couple spoke with ET at Netflix's FYSee Space kick-off party on Sunday, and Morelli said they've been celebrating their new status as "wives."

"We keep debating how to pronounce it," Morelli explained. "Samira wants to be 'wifes.'"

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"I keep saying that if we're 'wives' then that just means that we have two husbands somewhere and we're just hanging out," Wiley quipped.

One thing there's no debating was how much fun they had during their stunning European honeymoon.

"We went to Italy and stayed there for a little while and gazed into each other's eyes and had a good time," Morelli recounted.

"That's what you're supposed to do on a honeymoon, right? We didn't speak at all. We just gazed the whole time," Morelli joked. "It was really great. It was really lovely."

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Now that they're settling back into everyday life after their idyllic honeymoon, they are also getting ready for the release of the fifth season of Orange Is the New Black, which hits Netflix June 9.

While Wiley's character met her heartbreaking end during the fourth season of the hit series, it's clear the aftermath of her character's shocking death will play a large role in the coming season.

In the final episode of last season, after Poussey had been killed, flashbacks reveal that she was incarcerated as a non-violent offender, after she was arrested for trespassing and minor drug possession. Wiley said she's happy that she got to say goodbye to her character with a more positive scene.

"The final [episode] was really uplifting, actually, to be able to leave on that note rather than have to leave on the 'she's dead' note," Wiley said, adding that the episode was "a real memorial to her life."

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What made the season finale even more special for Wiley was that Morelli was the one to write it, and they had "a great time working together."

"It was such a difficult episode and we were so glad to be doing it together," Morelli shared. "i think it would have been really hard for me -- because I ended up writing it, I got to be on set. It would have been really hard to feel like I just had to sit at home while this was happening."

"We work really well together, so to be able to have Poussey's demise, at least happen in hands that we knew we trusted and cared about, was really a honor," she added.

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