The Litchfield Ladies Want Justice in New 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 5 Trailer


We're officially a month away from the return of Orange Is the New Black and to keep fans on their toes, Netflix unveiled the official trailer for Season 5.

The latest sneak peek shows the Litchfield ladies ready to fight for justice and willing to go to any lengths to achieve it.

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"If we want to turn this place right, we have to speak as one united group," says inmate Maria Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel) to the women who are more than ready to rally against the system.

Taking place in real time over the course of just three days, the fifth season will pick up right after last season's finale, which saw Daya (Dascha Polanco) is seen pointing a gun at an officer while her fellow inmates surround and cheer her on. Fired up from the shocking death of Poussey (Samira Wiley), the women's lives will be changed when they they brace themselves to fight for redemption, resolution and the respect they deserve.

The almost two-and-a-half minute trailer shows how "there's more strength in a single, unified message" and, how by working together, every single one of the inmates can earn a better life. But can the women, who live their lives behind bars separated by race, really come together and make change happen? We'll have to wait and see.

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ET spoke to ex-OITNB star Wiley at Netflix's FYSee Space kick-off party on Sunday, who dished on her character's heartbreaking death at the end of the fourth season. "The final [episode] was really uplifting, actually, to be able to leave on that note rather than have to leave on the 'she's dead' note," Wiley said, adding that the episode was "a real memorial to her life."

The fifth season of Orange Is the New Black hits Netflix on June 9.

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