Tracy Morgan Gets Emotional, Personal and Hilarious in New Trailer for His Netflix Special 'Staying Alive'


Tracy Morgan is returning to his stand-up comedy roots with his new Netflix special, Staying Alive, and the trailer, which debuted on Tuesday, makes it clear the comic is giving fans a look inside his life following the car crash that nearly claimed his life in June 2016.

The accident, which left Morgan in a coma and required him to undergo extensive physical therapy, seems to play a central role in his upcoming comedy special, with Morgan sharing some heartwarming and hilarious moments from his recovery.

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"When I was in my wheelchair, my daughter was 14 months old, and I got to see her take her first steps. That inspired me to get out of my wheelchair and I took my first steps," Morgan recounts. "So now me and my daughter walk hand in hand for life, because we learned how to walk at the same time. That's magic."

While he shares some inspiring and heartwarming family tales, it's clear Morgan's signature comedic edge hasn't dulled, and his new material has all the wild, crass humor the former 30 Rock star built his comedy career on.

Changing tone, Morgan jokes, "My grandmother prays all the time. I said, 'Stop praying over me!' I already died and went to heaven and spoke to God. And God said, 'Tell your grandmother to shut the f**k up!'"

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The special, filmed at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey, is another in a long line of triumphant performances Morgan's pulled off since his life-threatening accident -- beginning with his return to the Saturday Night Live stage as a host in October 2017. Check out the video below to see more.

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive
debuts May 16 on Netflix.