'Pretty Little Liars' Finally Revealed Who Killed Alison's Mom and Dropped Another Baby Bombshell!


WARNING: We're about to discuss the biggest bombshells from this week's all-new episode of
Pretty Little Liars – and trust us, there were a lot! If you do not want to know the truth, leave immediately because your jaws are about to drop...

It was a big night for the DiLaurentis family on Pretty Little Liars!

After three weeks of lukewarm episodes, this week's all-new hour of PLL finally turned up the heat and delivered not one, not two, but four truly red-hot reveals.

From mama drama with Alison's baby, to a newly discovered branch in Charlotte's family tree, and the shocking truth behind Mrs. DiLaurentis' death -- here are the four biggest bombshells of the night…

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1. Baby Mama Drama: The Internet totally called it! From the second it was announced that Alison was pregnant, fans immediately guessed that somehow, Emily's MIA eggs were actually in Ali's womb. And tonight, our suspicions were totally confirmed -- or, as Emily so dramatically put it: "A.D. stopped playing games and started playing God."

In true Nancy Drew fashion, Spencer was the one to spell it out for the audience: "A.D. stole Emily's eggs from the donation bank, fertilized them, and then used them to impregnate Ali."

And poor Alison even had flashbacks to the violating procedure! "They wheeled me out of my room at Welby. It wasn’t Archer it was someone else," she said to Emily. "They strapped me down and I tried to stay awake, and I tried to fight it, but it was no use." Holy s**t.

2. Sinister Sister: Remember way back in season four when Alison's mom, Jessica DiLaurentis, was being buried in the Hastings backyard by an un-seen murderer? Well, now we finally know who was wielding that shovel: Mary Drake!

Spencer's dad returned to Rosewood just in time to reveal the sinister, sister-killing truth: "[Mary] wanted [Jessica] to pay, she wanted her dead and when I refused to help, she turned on me too," he explained to Spencer. "Mary killed her sister, she used my pills to do it, and she buried her in our backyard. She killed Jessica and did everything she could to frame me for it." Dun dun duuuun!

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3. Who's Your Daddy? PLL furthered all the DiLaurentis drama tonight by revealing another branch of that twisted family tree: Charles/Charlotte's father is… Ted Wilson!

What?! You don’t remember Ted? (No worries, we don’t actually care. We didn’t remember either.) Remember the pastor at the Rosewood Church who proposed to Hanna's mom a long time ago? Well, apparently he and Mary Drake had a relationship many, many years ago -- Damn, that woman got around! -- and he is actually Charles/Charlotte's father. Random, we know.

4. Batting for the Other Team: In a mediumly-shocking twist, we discovered that Sydney is a member of the A.D. team. But in a massively-shocking twist, we discovered that Aria, who is desperate to stop playing A.D.'s board game from hell, is being lured to the dark side and might turn against the other liars. Sydney even gave her the perfect reason to switch sides: "It's no fun being on the losing team," she sneered,

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