EXCLUSIVE: 'This Is Us' Creator Teases Bigger Bombshell Than Jack's Death in Season 2

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If there are any worries over a sophomore slump for This Is Us, creator and executive producer Dan Fogelman certainly isn't feeling it. ET was with Fogelman at the This Is Us For Your Consideration event in Hollywood, California, on Wednesday, where he opened up about why.

"I don't, really. We have big stuff headed into season two. If we didn't, I'd be little more, 'Oh god, we gotta make it good.' But we had a four-year, five-year, six-year plan when we started, so we're just kinda executing the plan right now," he told ET's Lauren Zima on the red carpet.

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Fogelman went on to address the unexpected fascination over the show's driving mystery -- the how, when and why of Jack's death. "We didn't expect the whole country to be talking about how Jack dies, but we're not changing our plan because of that. We're just going with it," he said.

Asked if there would be a new mystery on the same level as Jack's death introduced in the second season, Fogelman confirmed that there was. "Yes," was all he would offer.

"We're going to answer all the looming questions people have right now. They're going to be, in some shape or form, answered in the second season of the show," he assured. "But we're going to ask new ones by the end."

Fogelman admitted it's been difficult managing queries about how Jack died during his hiatus, which he has spent working on the film, Life Itself, which stars Olivia Wilde, Oscar Isaac, Annette Bening and Samuel L. Jackson.

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"I was shooting a movie with all these famous movie stars and people would find out I work on the show and they would run past the movie stars to come ask me how Jack died. It was really bizarre," he shared.

Even so, Fogelman confirmed that he and the writers are taking precautions with the scripts for the new season so as not to have spoilers leaked.

"We're very careful with scripts and stuff. We have code words. We have a whole bunch of things that we're using," he said, revealing that Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby, is the worst at keeping show secrets. "But ultimately, we're a bunch of dramedy writers, so we have no idea what we're doing with any of this. It's like the worst spies in the world. We have no idea how to be secretive."

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