EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Vinny Ventiera Excited to 'Get Back to the Beach' After Scandal

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Vinny Ventiera is ready to get back out there!

In an exclusive statement to ET on Tuesday, Ventiera opens up about the Bachelor in Paradise scandal following Warner Bros.' announcement that filming would restart on season four after their investigation into claims of misconduct found no wrongdoing.

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"I'm glad that things got resolved between the parties that were involved in the situation that shut down production, but I am also sorry that it had to get to this," he says of the incident involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. "We can now move forward and get back to the beach."

"A lot of people second guess Paradise because they think it is a hook-up fest and you just drink 24/7. In my personal experience, that is not what happens," he adds.

Ventiera, who has been a cast member on season three and season four of Paradise after appearing on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, explains that the show offered him an opportunity to "show the world who I was as a person, and what I stood for in life."

"It was unfortunate for BIP to be cut short. I felt bad for my new friends that were invited to BIP for the first time and couldn't get a second chance at love and to express who they are," he continues. "Sometimes people don't want to fight for attention or fight for time to speak to a person to try and date, at least that wasn't ever my thing. And with BIP, it's such a relaxed environment and you learn so much about your friends and the people you are dating."

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"Going on these shows has changed my life tremendously, I learned a lot about myself and learned to actually listen to people and care to take part in conversations, because we don't have cellphones, which seems to be the problem nowadays in life and in dating," Ventiera concludes. "I'm glad to hear that BIP 4 is back and I am glad to experience and amazing summer with the hard working staff and cast members."

Ventiera's Paradise castmates Iggy Rodriguez and Robby Hayes expressed similar sentiments in their own exclusive statements to ET on Tuesday.

"I loved meeting the people in Paradise and would be thrilled to take part of it again. I'm also incredibly happy that DeMario was exonerated in this situation," Rodriguez said. "I think he was unfairly portrayed. I'm glad the investigation has shown that everyone was in their right state of mind."

"If I get the phone call, [the percentage that I would return] is up there," Hayes told ET during a Facebook Live interview on Tuesday. "I didn't think there was a chance that it would come back." 

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"I'm going to wait on, definitely moving forward on it, until I hear from a producer, from the actual mouth that it's happening," he shared. "But it's crazy."

See more on the Bachelor in Paradise investigation in the video below. 

Reporting by Lauren Zima.