Tyler Cameron on What He Learned From His Past Relationship With Camila Kendra (Exclusive)

Cameron spoke to ET about his new book and what he's learned about relationships since his breakup from Kendra.

Tyler Cameron is opening up about his split from Camila Kendra. Cameron spoke to ET's Nischelle Turner while guest co-hosting tonight's episode of Entertainment Tonight, about his new book, You Deserve Better: What Life Has Taught Me About Love, Relationships, and Becoming Your Best Self, and what his relationship with Kendra taught him about love.

"It starts with my family, with my parents, they had a tough relationship," Cameron explained of the book. "I saw positives and negatives, and things that I'll take from it, and then I went on the show, The Bachelorette, and I learned so much about being vulnerable and communicating, things that I really lacked in my past relationship."

Cameron was dating Kendra for less than a year when they split in August. The couple had appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in July, where they appeared to be happy and in a good place, but Cameron shared that things happened in their relationship that they "couldn't come back from."

"There's things that happened between us that we couldn't come back from," Cameron told Tuner. "I'm grateful for that relationship too, because it taught me a lot about myself and what I'll tolerate and what I won't in a relationship."

Cameron hasn't given up on love and tells ET that he'd "love to date someone."

"I'm going to put myself out there," he revealed. "I'm meeting people. I'd love to date someone, and figure it out in time."

As far as what Cameron is looking for in his next potential partner? The former Bachelorette contestant is all about respect.

"There's one saying I stand by, live by: through love serve, others," he shared. "If you serve other people with love and expect nothing from it, you know good things will always come, and I just love someone who's willing to serve others."

Along with acts of service, Cameron's other love language is physical touch.

"Normally, I'm a big touch guy. I want to be able to hold a hand," he continued. "I think my other one is respect, like how do they respect the people around them. How do they treat the server, the waitress, the hostess, the Uber driver, anyone that's that's huge to me, because no one is bigger than nobody. And then my third one, is how they are with their parents. How they are with their brothers and sisters, like family is so important to me. I wanna have a big family, so I need to know how you are with a family."

And he hasn't given up on The Bachelor franchise either. Cameron said he'd "never say never" about a return to the reality TV dating series.

"I'll throw you fifty, ok?," he said of the percent chance of him returning to the franchise as the Bachelor himself. "Fifty, never say never, that's fair."

Tune in to tonight's episode of Entertainment Tonight for more of ET's conversation with guest co-host, Tyler Cameron.