Tyler Perry Had Beyoncé's Full Approval for That 'Madea: Homecoming' Homage (Exclusive)

The Netflix film premiered on Friday, Feb. 25.

If you haven't already seen Tyler Perry's Madea: Homecoming, you might not want to read much further. 

The 12th installment of the franchise is an adaptation of Perry's stage play, Madea's Farewell Play, and the first Madea film to be adapted from a stage play since A Madea Christmas. The story follows Madea as she tries to plan a celebratory dinner for her great-grandson's graduation, but family secrets threaten to ruin the event.

In promotion for the event, Perry has been releasing promotional images that highlight the titular character in interesting new ways, but none could have prepared fans for the in-film homage that featured the titular grandmother in her greatest looks to date -- Beyoncé's costumes from her acclaimed 2018 Coachella performance.

The final moments of the film feature Madea dressed in the yellow-and-pink sweatshirt worn by Beyoncé during her performance, embroidered with the Greek letters representing the fictional sorority Beta Delta Kappa. Much like the singer shows in her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, viewers see Madea perform for the crowd and chat with her production crew behind the scenes during rehearsal. Never let it be said that Madea is afraid to rock short shorts because clearly, she isn't!

Perry revealed to ET that he had been in contact with all the celebrities he spoofed before the film dropped, including Mary J. Blige, Adele and Beyoncé. 

"Beyoncé and I talked, yes. I have heard from Adele. All of them love it, man, they just think it's hilarious," he admitted. "They thought it was hilarious that I spoofed all over them. [Beyoncé] sent me this text that is just saying, 'D E A D.'"

We love queens who know how to laugh at themselves!

A Madea Homecoming is now available to stream on Netflix.



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