Tyra Banks Responds to 'Jurassic Park' Comparisons of Her 'DWTS' Look

The 'DWTS' host sported a fan-like look on Monday's episode.

Tyra Banks is unbothered by comments on her outfits. The 47-year-old model appeared on Wednesday's The Late Late Show with James Corden, and commented on the much-discussed outfit she wore while hosting Dancing with the Stars.

The DWTS host's burgundy outfit in question featured a fan effect on the sleeves, which extended from Banks' mid-thigh to above her head. Some people, however, compared the look to one of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

"You know what's so funny? I kept saying 'peacock' after, and my stylist kept on kind of giggling and stuff," Banks said. "We started seeing all of this Jurassic Park stuff, so I posted on my social... 'Tyrassic Park.'"

"But then my stylist was like, 'Yeah, we did know that you looked like a lizard before the social started,'" she continued. "They did know!"

Banks didn't "really care" about the fact that her dress became a viral sensation, because, she said, "Different is what? Bad a**."

"I ain't got time to be pretty and in a normal dress, because no one's going to say anything about a pretty dress," Banks explained. "You gotta push and go for it."

When ET spoke to Banks ahead of the start of season 30 of DWTS, the host teased that the show was planning to challenge the pros like never before by throwing some "monkey wrenches" into the mix.

"[We're doing] competitive things, things we've never done before, [throwing] a little wrench at these professional dancers that know how to do everything," she said. "The celebs have to do it too and they're already amateur, right? But it's the pros that are so perfect with everything."

"I think it's important to constantly challenge ourselves or else we get a little bit too complacent," Banks continued. "They're some of the best dancers in the entire world, and I think the best also need challenges to take them to the [next] level. So I can’t wait to see that."

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays on ABC.



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