'Vanderpump Rules': Lala Kent Shares Her 'Ultimate Goal' in Randall Emmett Custody Battle Amid Baby No. 2 News

The reality star and ex Randall Emmett share 2-year-old daughter Ocean.

Lala Kent is opening up about her custody battle with Randall Emmett. On Tuesday's season 11 premiere of Vanderpump Rules, the reality star discussed how she and her ex are working to divide time with and responsibility of their 2-year-old daughter, Ocean.

"My ultimate goal with custody is just looking out for the well-being of Ocean. His biggest thing is, 'I don't want to give her full legal because that would mean she could put Ocean on Vanderpump Rules, but I'll give her final say on education and health,'" she said in a confessional. "I'm like, 'Well, that's all I f**king want! I don't give a s**t about putting her on Vanderpump Rules.'"

As Lala navigates the situation, she's been living in the same apartment as her mom, Lisa Burningham, which is in the same complex where her brother, Easton Burningham, resides.

During a conversation with her mom, Lala discussed the "trauma" she's experienced before admitting in a confessional, "I just cry all the time. And I know that that time will end, but in order for me to heal and be soft and be a good role model for my kid, I gotta go through the emotions or else everyone around me is f**ked."

The episode aired the same day that Lala revealed she is working to have a second child via IUI, following her and Randall's 2021 split.

"When I had my life go in a very different direction, I knew I wanted more kids," she told Cosmopolitan. "It was such a strange thing that was happening because everyone would tell me, 'You're going to find somebody.' And I got to thinking, 'Why does my wanting more children need to involve another person?'"

By discussing her journey, Lala hopes to destigmatize IUI, or intrauterine insemination, a process by which sperm is placed directly in the uterus.

"I will not gamble on me having my child," she said. "I just don't think that finding a partner and falling in love with someone has anything to do with bringing a child into the world."

Back on Vanderpump Rules' season premiere, Lala stepped into some controversy when she admitted to having "a lot of different" feelings about Rachel Leviss following the former co-star's affair with Tom Sandoval while he was in a relationship with Ariana Madix.

Her conflicting feelings, Lala said, go back to her tumultuous relationship with Randall.

"I know what it's like to have a man in front of you, painting a beautiful picture, saying, 'You're the one for me, you're my soulmate.' You see what your future could be with this person, and you're willing to f**king risk it all," Lala said in confessional. "So much so that I ignored everyone around me, telling me, 'Girl, you're the other woman.'"

After discussing the situation with Lisa Vanderpump, Lala decided reach out to Rachel via voice message on Instagram. Rachel quickly opened the message, as Lala told the cameras, "What Raquel did, what she said, how she went about things was so f**king stupid. But as someone who knows what it's like to walk through life and see comments about being a mistress, I don't want her to wear that forever."

Later in the episode, Lala shocked Ariana by telling her about her message to Rachel.

"It is kind of wild if you think about it, because for maybe a year, a year and a half, if anybody interacted with Lala's ex, she was ready to murder him, cut his balls off, f**k you," Ariana said in a confessional. "I just feel like, if the shoe were on the other foot and I was reaching out to Randall's mistress, I don't think Lala would be very happy with me."

Even so, the women ended the conversation on a happy note and with a hug.

When ET spoke to Lala about her reaching out to Rachel, she further explained her reasons for extending an olive branch.

"There were a couple of reasons why I reached out to her," she told ET. "Number 1, it resonated with me that she had been isolated, or she said she had been isolated, by Tom Sandoval. I know that feeling. I also felt that she needed to come back and apologize wholeheartedly when dust had settled."

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays on Bravo.