Vanessa Hudgens Falls for a Time-Traveling Knight in First Trailer for 'The Knight Before Christmas': Watch

Vanessa Hudgens

The holiday film hits Netflix Nov. 21.

Vanessa Hudgens has found her knight in shining armor!

On Thursday, Netflix dropped the first trailer for Hudgens' upcoming holiday flick, The Knight Before Christmas, in which a medieval knight named Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) gets transported to modern-day Ohio by a magical sorceress and befriends Brooke (Hudgens), a science teacher.

In the trailer, Hudgens narrates in a voice-over, lamenting, "We all grow up fantasizing about finding true love with a knight in shining armor and living happily ever after, but that's all it is -- a fantasy."

That all changes rather quickly for Hudgens, though, when she hits a mysterious man dressed as a 14th-century knight with her car.

"Fear not, I've been thrown much further by much faster horses than your steel stead," Cole tells her.

What follows is a comedy of errors featuring mishaps with the radio, a sunroof and a car. Cole even displays his knightly valor by rescuing both Brooke and a child when they're in need.

Of course, there's plenty of Christmas cheer to go around too, including trips to the grocery store and a tree farm, putting up festive decorations and baking delicious treats.

Though Brooke initially doubts how Cole wound up in her town, she eventually states, "Who are we to tell him he's not who he says he is? What if Cole really is who he says he is? What if there are things beyond our comprehension?"

Everything's in question, though, when Cole has "no choice" but to return to his home, despite telling Brooke, "Wherever you are is the only place I want to be."

This will be Hudgens' second holiday flick for the streaming service. Last year, she starred in The Princess Switch and she's already signed on for her third film, a sequel called The Princess Switch: Switched Again, which is due out next year.

The Knight Before Christmas hits Netflix Nov. 21. You can see all of Netflix's holiday programming here.